1. Michael Ventre,
    I read part of your article that MSNBC.com had posted on their website on Sept.
    30th titled “No clear cut No. 1” and I see that some of you west coast folks
    STILL cannot come to terms with the BCS Championship. You know the one that
    awards THE (one and only) National Championship Trophy for the winner of THE
    (one and only) National Championship game. The reason I’m pointing these facts
    out to you is because you made a rather narrow-minded comment in your article.
    You said, when speaking about LSU’s 03 National Championship, “the BCS side of
    the crown”. Newsflash Mr. Ventre, THAT’S THE ONLY ONE! There is no other side,
    PERIOD! We live in the BCS world now, and have for many years, like it or not.
    (btw I’m for playoffs) That’s what the USC president voted for, as did all of
    the other college presidents from BCS eligible teams. The quicker you come to
    terms with the current system, the better off you’ll be.

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