Wilson's damned elephants

As mentioned in a previous post, Wilson carries his damned family of plastic (or maybe resin–they’re really heavy!) elephants with him everywhere he goes. The bath tub, the crib, the zoo where he proudly presents them to the real elephants, the breakfast table, to the park, and so on.
For the longest time, Wilson had 4 elephants. There was “Dah Unngh”, “Ma Unngh”, “Aa Unngh”, and “Be Unggh”. For those of you that don’t speak Wilson’s languange, that’s Daddy Elephant, Mama Elephant, Abby Elephant, and Baby (or Wilson) Elephant. Since these photos were taken, though, we’ve added 2 more elephants to the family. One is a wooden 2-dimensional circus elephant that he just calls “Unngh” and the other is a smaller baby elephant that the Romero Family donated to the collection that Wilson also calls “Be Unggh”. Abby tells him that it isn’t okay to have 2 elephants with the same name. She keeps suggesting that he call it “Jack Paul Unggh”, but he’s having none of that yet.
The trouble with the damned elephants is that they are too heavy and too bulky for Wilson to actually carry around. We tried introducing him to several different bags, but as you can imagine, with all those legs and trunks and big ears, they are hard for a 2-year-old to get in and out of most bags. We finally settled on a bag from Godiva Chocolates. His first one got used so much that it was as soft as cotton before one of the strings finally gave out. Wilson’s Grandmama was looking out for him, though, and has gotten him several spares from Godiva, so he will not be without. The bags are not a perfect solution, though. With all the elephants in it, and we never move without the whole family, it is really too heavy for him to carry for any length of time. But being an independent sort of boy, he also doesn’t want our help in carrying the bag. Even when he is dropping the bag and spilling the elephants every 10 steps or so and crying in frustration.
In desperation, I spent a whole morning going down to Ikea to find Wilson a wagon-like cart for him to push his elephants in. It seemed a perfect solution. Clearly I hadn’t thought it through. The cart is good until Wilson decides that the cart must be carried for some reason. If he sees a curb, an escalator, a bump, or any obstacle ahead, he insists that the cart be carried over the obstacle. This wouldn’t be unreasonable, except that the boy has 20/20 vision and can see these obstacles hundreds of feet in advance and wants the cart lifted as soon as the obstacle is spotted. And most recently, he’s come to the conclusion that I should just carry his cart as soon as we get out of the car, as if I don’t have enough to tend to.
So I’m currently on strike as back-up elephant keeper and it is creating a lot of uproar around here. Wilson is overwhelmed by the burden of caring for these beasts and he really can’t understand why I won’t succomb to his cries for help. Sigh.
For the plastic animal lovers among you, we’ve posted a tasteful gallery of Wilson’s pachyderm parade.
Elephants two

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