Wilson at 6 months

Doug keeps recreating this site to make it easier for me to post, but difficulty of posting is not what’s keeping me away. It’s that I simply don’t find the time. So there is much catching up to do.
Wilson had a hard time in his early months with colic. He had a bad case of acid reflux, which had him spitting up excessively and having heartburn when we laid him down. He also had terrible gas pain that would wake him (and me!) about every 30 minutes at night. The doctor gave us Zantac to reduce the stomach acid, which helped a little. And our friends the El Zeins recommened a product called “Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water”. What a blessing the gripe water was. It didn’t cure Wilson, but it helped tremendously and we were finally able to get some sleep. Wilson’s grown out of all that now and is a much more comfortable baby.
Wilson had a blocked tear duct for a couple of months, leaving his right eye gooey all the time. It lasted so long that we were getting worried that we may have to have the duct cleared surgically. But one day the problem just disappeared. Wilson sees clearly now.
In the last week, Wilson has learned to sit up. He’s getting stronger and better balanced each day. And this morning I found him in his crib with his rear end high in the air, as if he were making his first attempt at a crawl. And several more times today, I’ve seen him in that same position, trying to maneuver his way to something. He’s mobile now.
Wilson’s first tooth made an appearance on Thanksgiving.
Wilson had his 6-month well-baby checkup today. He weighed in at 18.1 lbs and 27 inches. The doctor says he is a very tall and heavy boy, but his weight:height ratio is perfect. She noticed that he’s exhibiting some stranger anxiety and said that he’s awfully early with that, and that is a good sign that he’s very intelligent. She also observed that Wilson is very verbal already. I told her that he’d have to be if he wanted to compete with his father and sister for any talk time. The doctor said that Wilson is developing right on schedule and that she doesn’t have any concerns.

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