Willie Ballgame steals a base and our hearts

Lookout Landing‘s typically amusing analysis of the Mariners’ narrow victory over the Yankees, which was aided by a horrific blown call where Mariner scrub Willie “Ballgame” Bloomquist was awarded a stolen base in spite of being out by two feet.
This passage made me laugh:

With [pudgy designated hitter Jose] Vidro having passed out after sprinting his 90 feet, [clueless] Hargrove inserted Willie Ballgame for the predictable steal attempt, and even a bad jump and perfect throw couldn’t deter Willie from igniting the playing field with another money bag. Not that Willie was anything other than 100%, totally out, but I don’t think Gerry Davis was able to mentally process what had just happened in time to make the right call. Willie isn’t a man who gets gunned down stealing. Willie makes his outs at first, not second. It really is incredible to me just how much of Willie’s mystique is built upon good luck. From plays like this one to his handful of clutch late-inning blooper hits that manage to just barely elude a diving outfielder, it’s like there’s someone watching over us who’s determined to make Willie a star, despite Willie’s every attempt towards an opposite fate. That’s both comforting and a pretty sound reason to become an atheist.

All kidding and money bags aside, folks, Willie Bloomquist is not a good ball player.

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