The Nanny Diaries–Day 3, Final Thoughts

[Posted by Grandmama]
Well…it is now 7:55pm. D&M are at meetings and
I just finished putting Wilson to bed….As you know
by now, he loves elephants and takes a family of 4
plastic ones with him everywhere….literally. Today
he had on an elephant t-shirt so when I took it off
for his pjs he had a hissy fit….and retreived his
t-shirt from the laundry. So I thought “what the
heck” and went ahead and put the shirt back on him but
over his pjs. He’s a happy little boy now..albeit
with a dirty shirt over his clean pjs.
We went to the mall today after Abby came home
from school. We had ice cream at Baskin Robbins and
then found a family restroom….I had seen signs for
those before but never had a legit reason to enter
one. Since both the kids had ice cream hands and
faces I thought I’d finally found my “official”
reason. Oh my!! It was wonderful. Who knew those
family restrooms are like first class on an
airplane…there is that much difference. So I now
advise everyone to just steal some random child and go
in one of these…fabulous.
Abby’s kdgn. teacher (Ms. Nelson) is about my age
and very friendly. I must have looked pretty haggard
the first two days cause today she asked if I was
getting used to being the nanny yet. I assured her it
was getting better every day. She smiled that special
kdgn. teacher smile and I suddenly felt 5 years old
again and VERY proud of myself. Thank you Ms.
Tomorrow John will pick me up at the Spokane
airport at 1:00pm. He promised to take me to lunch.
And while I am looking forward to seeing him and going
home……still….I wonder how in the world the
younger Manis family will survive without me. After
all..Ms. Nelson DID smile at me which means I’m doing
the right thing..doesn’t it? Ha!!
More entries to come in next week’s installment of the
never ending Nanny Diaries.


  1. Right now Grandmama has gone home and left Oompa to deal with the kids. Hopefully he’ll post his own adventures. But even if he doesn’t, Grandmama promised to post more when she comes back next week.

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