The Nanny Diaries–Day 3

[Posted by Grandmama]
Well…yesterday did indeed go very well. I even
managed to get a shower and put on my make up…we
won’t mention anything about brushing teeth…
Wilson and I walked Abby to school and then had
time to go Safeway for the mexican roast beef
ingredients. You should have seen the size of the
chocolate cookie the bakery lady gave him…holy cow!
Of course, Wilson did not need an AM snack.
We returned in time for an early lunch and
naptime…and not just for Wilson either!! We both
slept till about 2:00 and we walked to get Abby about
2:40. Michelle came up about 3:45 and my shift was
I cannot believe how fast the day went….and did
I mention how nice the nap was? I just wish I could
do more around the house…but…maybe next week when
the Oompa is here.
Today (day 3) looks to be a copy of yesterday
except Michelle won’t get home till 4:30ish and both
she and Doug have meetings tonight at 7:00 so the kids
and I will have a nice bedtime experience. 🙂
Wilson and I are planning a short shopping trip to
Target and another nice long nap.
Did I mention Abby and I are sharing a bed? She
has a new “nickname” of Kicking Girl. It is very
sweet to sleep with her and we have discovered that a
pillow placed lenthwise between us is VERY useful.
She does sit up in bed at night and talk but I’m
learning to sleep through those or just pat her on the
back till she lies back down.
I’m still a novelty around here so there haven’t
been any meltdowns (if you don’t count day 1….and
that really was my practice day anyway!) The key to
being the grandmama nanny is just to do whatever the
kids want….and we all get out unscathed! ha!!!
Seriously, it has been a wonderful and bonding
experience. And I am so happy to now be able to
devote more time to my grandkids…but now I here
Wilson pounding on something in the living room….I’m
off running!
the mama

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