Pardon our mess

We’ve re-worked Manisfam to make it easier for us to manage and update. We hope that the new structure will help you find your favorite tidbits and archives faster, but mostly the update is about making things easier for us. Starting today, all new posts will appear on this page and will be archived apart from posts that came before. But do not weep! The old stuff is all available in the ‘Old Stuff’ links.
Eventually, I will move *all* of the Manisfam posts to this new system so that all the posts ever posted will live together in a common, searchable archive. That is a tedious chore that will take time. I will do it as I’m able, starting with oldest posts (no reason why, that’s just how I like to do it).
Also, if you subscribed to our RSS feed, you’ll need to subscribe again. Modern browsers (but not Internet Explorer) will automatically detect the feed and display an ‘RSS’ button in the address bar. Click the button to subscribe. If you know how, you can also subscribe manually using the ‘RSS’ link in the sidebar.
Again, please pardon our mess while we move everything over to the new system. We’re just trying to keep the Manisfam happy!

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  1. Well…I am just starting to explore this and will get back to you with my opinion…since you are asking for it in such a bold way!!

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