Missing samoyeds in north Seattle

Pete and Morrigan, two samoyed dogs are missing in north Seattle. If you see a stray samoyed, please contact me at kingdougo@gmail.com.
Cyndy Knighton let her dogs out before bedtime about 1:30am Sunday, Jan 1 and about 5 minutes later realized they were gone. She has a secure gate, so
the only explanation is that someone intentionally opened it. Conor came
back, but Pete and Morrigan are still missing.
Here is a photo of the dogs:
###Spread the word
If you have a web log or mailing list, please feel free to post share this information there. Hopefully the dogs are with someone or are lost in the neighborhood and someone we know will see them as people return to work.
[update Monday 2006-01-02]
Both dogs have been found. Big thanks to those who helped with the search.

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