Michelle delivers a right hook

Abby and I had taken Wilson to the doctor earlier this week for his 18 month well-child checkup. He got a clean bill of health, though it was commented that he was a bit skinny. The medical assistant told us that Wilson wouldn’t be needing any shots that day unless we wanted to give him the flu vaccine. I said that would be fine and commented to Abby that we’d have to schedule an appointment for her to get hers, too. The assistant told me that she would be happy to admister the shots to both kids that day. I agreed, and then the drama began.
Abby had a lot of anxiety about getting a shot, though she’s always been so good for them in the past. She began crying, begging, and pleading for us to cancel her shot. I explained that this was one way that I protect her from things that can hurt her. “I don’t want your protection!” was her response.
They were particularly slow at the clinic that day, so nearly 45 minutes had passed between Abby learning that she was getting a shot and the medical assistant arriving with her supplies. That was 45 minutes too long. Abby got more and more worked up by the minute.
When the assistant was ready, she asked Abby who would be first. Abby quickly pushed Wilson in front of herself. So much for being a protective big sister. Wilson was surprised, and then his feelings were hurt, but he didn’t cry after his shot. He was completely recovered within about 30 seconds.
Abby was too busy hiding under furniture to notice that it all went so easily for little brother. I had to drag her, kicking and screaming, from beneath the exam table. She was thrashing like I’ve never seen her before. We first had to get her shirt off and then I had to hold her reasonably still for the injection. Well, during the struggle she started slipping from my grip and I quickly tried to get a new hold on her, bringing my right arm around her. But as my hand passed her left shoulder, my fist made contact with the jaw of the medical assisant. The assistant reeled, but being the professional that she is, she just turned the other cheek, so to speak. My horror motivated me to quickly get a handle on Abby so that we could get the whole ordeal over with.
Abby received her injection and whimpered for a few minutes, then said “That wasn’t so bad.”
Abby has likely forgotten the whole thing already, but my horror lives on.

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