Marching band Radiohead medley

The University of Arizona marching band performs a Radiohead medley. Do no take my word for it! View it for yourself: Radiohead marching band program.
The program includes selections from “Airbag” and “Paranoid Android” from “OK Computer” and “Optimistic” and “A National Anthem” from “Kid A”.
The arrangements are impressive. Nearly all of the guitar parts are covered note for note and the drum corp is playing basically the same patterns you hear on Radiohead’s records. My favorite part is the high-note trumpet duo harmonizing Thom York’s vocal melody on “Airbag”. “The National Anthem’s” bass line lends itself nicely to military band low brass, and the band’s version of “Paranoid Android’s” second section is actually more effective than Radiohead’s version, I think, because of the brass’ power.
You can judge a pop tune’s craftsmanship by the number of genres it can be arranged in and still sound good. The further the genre is from the original version, the better the song is written. Radiohead comes off looking pretty good here.

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