Manisfam Halloween Party 2006

By all verbal and electronic mail accounts, the Manisfam Halloween Party 2006 was a success. If volume-level of delighted squealing and laughter is the measure of a good party, then Abby’s classmates and neighborhood friends sent this party straight to the top of list. The costumed boys and ghouls ground their fangs through pounds of red meat, set their claws to spooky Halloween decorations to take home, and boogied their fright wigs off to howling music.
Some highlights include:
* Max, Jr. being sent upstairs to his crate where he barked as loud as he has ever barked his girly chirp-bark only to have his irritating cries utterly swallowed up by the din of laughing children.
* A terrifying grim reaper racing from room to room screaming “Die! Die!” to the terrified delight of his squealing victims.
* A full-on, get-down-on-the-dance-floor-get-back-up-again Halloween dance party in which every costumed guest laid it down so fearlessly and thoroughly that the scene bordered on performance art.
* The primal terror of hearing kids crying out to hear “that watching song” one more time. The “watching song” being Rockwell’s early 1984 dance masterpiece “Somebody’s Watching Me“. If that doesn’t make you shudder, a guest actually knew the artist, album, year, and some trivia involving the recording of the song! There are some memories that should stay repressed.
* Sweet, sweet, pumpkin juice in the kitchen (for parental consumption only).
* Michelle channeling the ghost of Amelia Earhart to the slack-jawed amazement of her guests.
Just kidding on that last part, it was actually Doug who contacted the dead. Still kidding!
##Photos from the party
Photos are posted online. For the sake of privacy, this photo album is invitation-only. If you were at the party please drop the Manisfam a line with your e-mail address and we’ll send you an invitation with dead-easy instructions for logging in.

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