If I were a dog…

We were dog-sitting our friend Sean’s dog this last weekend. His dog is a large dachsund named Frank. Wilson was terrified of Frank the whole first day. If Frank even looked at him, Wilson would run shrieking in the other direction. The second day Wilson was a bit braver, but was still not at ease with the dog. He did a lot of shouting at Frank.
Abby, on the other hand, was delighted to have Frank here. She cuddled with him and let him sit in her lap, and he even slept in her bed. She was so pleased. Here’s a conversation we had concerning Frank:
Abby: Do dogs get married?
Mama: I suppose they sort of do if they are allowed to spend time together.
Abby: I wish I were a dog.
Mama: Why?
Abby: If I were a dog, I’d marry Frank. He’s my dream-dog.
Mama: (stunned silence)


  1. That is hilarious! The minds of children are quite interesting.
    Btw, I just discovered your family blog. Don’t have time to read much, but what I’ve seen is great!

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