Hong Kong Phooey lunch pale

Sports writer Joe Posnanski has started Stuff That’s Gone, “a work-in-progress glossary of some outdated stuff that once mattered to people of [his] generation.” (He’s 41 years old.)
I carried a Hong Kong Phooey lunch pale to grade school for two years. I don’t recall if that was the one that my mother ran over in the driveway after the dog escaped the house. Mom, please clarify in the comments.


  1. My brother carried his lunch in a Fat Albert lunch box each day. That was the greatest artifact created by man since the Renaissance, in my humble opinion.

  2. Hey! It was a very bad morning the day I backed over “Hong Kong Phooey.” There was a lot of pressure to get Doug and I to school, Sarahbeth to daycare, and the damn dog in the house! I often think of that morning…sometimes I laugh out loud, sometimes I feel sad about the lunchbox. And…I’m not sure Doug ever got a lunch that day. Seems he may have taken a smashed sandwich.

    I apologize to you Doug….and I hope he has forgiven me. By now he will have had many similar mornings in his own house!!


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