1. I haven’t read this collection, but I haven’t been crazy about any of Buk’s poetry collections before. Way too lyrical and way too in the moment. Why not try some of his novels? I’d start with “Women” or “Factotum” to get a sense of what those who love Bukowski are talking about.

  2. Fawk-owski gets some good lines off here. My favorite is something like “far better it is to lose one’s ass than to have no ass at all”, whatever that means. But you are correct, there seems to be a lot of thrashing around on the way to the good stuff.
    This collection was published after his death, so perhaps he would have edited the poems some more, but most of his poetry read like this to me and his collections all seem to follow a bad-bad-good pattern. A sort of golden ratio of random quality.
    I’ve never got around to reading “Women”, so I’ll grab a copy at Half-Price Books this week. Thanks for the recommendation, brother!

  3. this web site is great though i think that you guys should have some of your best poems in the first page‚ô•‚ô•‚ô• love & lots of ‚ô•‚ô• hearts

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