Grandmama sends an Easter crocodile?

Wilson is so enamored with crocodiles that he sees them in everything. He can find crocodiles in the clouds, in his Cheetos and Pirate Booty. He can nibble them out of his toast and his crackers. The bottom line is that we are surrounded by crocodiles.
Earlier this week, a package arrived for Wilson and Abby from their grandparents. It was filled with Easter goodies, including Cadbury cream eggs, Beanie Baby Easter bears, M&M dispensers disguised as Easter bunnies, and 2 large caramel-corn Easter bunnies with candy eyes and candy carrots for noses.
Wilson is convinced that his caramel-corn Easter bunny is a crocodile. I tried to convince him otherwise, but he insisted, turning it on its back and repositioning it. And I’ve got to admit that if I use just a bit of imagination, I can see it, too. The long ears of the bunny could double as the long snout of the crocodile. We can’t really explain the carrot on top of the croc’s head, but otherwise, it’s believable.
You be the judge.
Caramel corn Easter bunny
Caramel corn Easter croc


  1. The second pic is definitely a crocodile….and probably a female because the candy carrot on top of the head is some kind of exotic ornament!!!

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