Don't play that CD!

If you have a music CD from Sony BMG, do not play it in your Windows PC! About 50 Sony CD titles contain copy protection software that is unbelievably nasty and will leave your Windows machine exposed to viruses, trojans, and worms from any script kiddie who cares to Google for instructions on exploiting Sony’s evil, evil music player software.
Also, do not follow Sony’s instructions for removing their spyware. Sony’s half-baked attempt to fix their blunder is actually more dangerous than their original error. Do follow these instructions for removing the nasty Sony invader manually. Then promptly write Sony and express your disgust.
The Manisfam won’t be paying for any Sony products any time soon, partly because we’re disgusted, but mostly because we can’t trust Sony’s products. Sony’s greed and arrogance has sent them leaping head-first into the deep end of corporate evil. They’ve joined Microsoft and Wal-Mart on the short list of corporations that people hate. Nice work, fellas.
[update 2005-11-17]
Wired has a nice overview of the firestorm: Real Story of the Rogue Rootkit. Here’s Sony BMG’s list of infected recordings.
[update 2005-11-22]
Not only is Sony evil, they are stupid. All their pain has been for a protection scheme that doesn’t work: Sony BMG DRM a Public-Relations and Technology Failure.


  1. The Craber household is disgusted by this news. I will be unable to purchase Neil Diamond’s new album “12 Songs” as a result of this treachery.

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