Blue Öyster Cult sighting: Flaming Telepaths

Blue Öyster Cult’s ‘Flaming Telepaths’ celebrated on Jeff’s Gameblog.
This tune appears on ‘Secret Treaties, a record I bought on a trip to Seattle with my parents and sister some time around 1982. That sounds like a long time ago, and it is, but consider that at the time that album was already at least seven years old and sold in the overstock bin with a ‘Nice Price!’ sticker at $3.99. That’s about $8.50 in 2008 dollars. You can buy the CD used at right now for $9.00, including shipping. 26 years later you can enjoy this hard rock classic in crystal clear, indestructable digital sound for the same price I paid for a warped, thin, cheaply pressed vinyl LP in 1982.
My friends, this is progress!

Buy ‘Secret Treaties’!

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