Blue Oyster Cult and Michael Bolton together in Puerto Rico

Eric Bloom, lead singer and guitar player for Blue Oyster Cult (but you knew that), posts photos of some of his favorite guitars and tour t-shirts. Yes, the creepy logo-shaped guitar is featured. There are two of them!
Not-to-be-believed Blue Oyster Cult trivia: Michael Bolton opened for B.O.C. in Puerto Rico’s Hiram Bithorn Stadium in 1983. I see that you do not believe me. Do not take my word for it, behold the shocking evidence of this unholy union for yourself.
Las señoras, encienden tus motores!


  1. Men, I went there also. I’m from the island and was amazing.
    Congrats. I used to keep my half ticket. But I lost them all and my concert pics. But better than that I have the memories.

  2. I was at that concert. I was in the Navy, stationed at Roosevelt Roads. BOC was great, don’t remember much of Bolton. I tell people I saw him open for BOC, and they don’t believe me.

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