Abby's First Sleepover

After a lovely housewarming party at Mitch and Kate Romero’s on Whidbey Island on Saturday, Kate asked if Abby might enjoy staying for a sleepover with their son Henry. Abby had never been on a sleepover before, so I wasn’t sure how she’d respond to the idea. When I asked her how she felt about it, there was much whooping and jumping and then she was hugging Henry in her excitement. She didn’t seem the least bit concerned about being away from Doug and me, and when we were finally on our way out the door, I asked her to come and give me a kiss. “I already did! See ya.”
It was a quiet ride home that night. Wilson fell asleep for the first half hour. After that, he seemed noisier than his usual self. We think he may have been trying to fill the void left by Abby. It was a good effort, but he didn’t even come close.
When Abby arrived home on Sunday, she was bubbling with excitement about roasting marshmallows and making s’mores in the fire pit, a ball fight she and Henry had with Jack and Hunter (Henry’s older brother and his friend), and watching television in the car on the way home. It seems the whole adventure was a success.
Later, as I was snuggling with Abby before bed she was a little more thoughtful about the whole experience. She said that she hadn’t really missed us much because she has strong memories and she could always hear my voice inside of her. Then she went on to say that the best thing about having a sleepover was coming home to her family when it was over. It seems like maybe Doug and I are doing something right here.


  1. Abby it sounds like you are one character and that mom and dad are doing something right. Love you guys all and miss you lots.

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