Abby's Coping Advice

Yesterday, after a particularly difficult day at work, I was snuggled up on the sofa with Abby and Wilson looking over Abby’s school work. Apparently Wilson thought he wasn’t getting enough attention because he started head-butting me. After a very hard blow to my forehead, the tears that had been just under the surface for the last few hours finally spilled.
Abby: You’re crying. Did he really hit you that hard?
Me: No, I just had a really bad day at work and I guess I haven’t put it behind me yet.
Abby: The best thing to do is just take a nap. You can’t be sad when you’re sleeping. And maybe you’ll feel better when you get up.
Me: (thinking this is just what I need) I can’t nap. Your father isn’t home.
Abby: Don’t worry. Just turn on the tv. We’ll be fine.
I did not turn on the tv and disappear for a nap, but instead tried to just suck it up. Then Abby disappeared for a few minutes and came back with a tray on which she had placed a bowl of ice-cream and a mug of apple juice.
Abby: Here, this will make you feel better.
This is where I really start sobbing because I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful family. Who cares about a stinkin’ job with some stinkin’ mean people?


  1. If that isn’t one of the most touching stories I have ever heard. You sure do have the sweetest children. I hope those mean people at work miraculously sweeten up, or at least, stop bringing their crap to your plate.

  2. You’re right, I do have the sweetest children.
    As for the mean people, I don’t see them sweetening up. I was mostly disappointed in myself for having let down my defenses (which have been holding strong for some time) and allowing myself to engage in the pissing match. I can do better than that.

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