Abby's bus

Last night when Doug got home, Abby was chattering away about her karate class and showing him the moves that she needs to master. She told him that in karate, it is really important to concentrate, and only think of karate.
Abby: So I imagine my brain is like a bus, and all my thoughts are riding the bus. I make all my other thoughts go to the back of the bus, and I let Karate stay up at the front. That’s how I concentrate.
Me: Is that a technique that your sensai taught you?
Abby: No. I’ve been working on my bus for while.
Me: Do you use your bus at any other times?
Abby: Yeah, it helps me at school sometimes, too.
We’d read that karate could hone a person’s self discipline and concentration skills, we just hadn’t imagined that it would come in the form of an imaginary bus. Necessity is the mother of invention, and if Abby ever needed a magic bus, this is the time. In a school classroom with 28 other 6-year-olds, this seems like a great coping device. Maybe we should all have a magic bus.


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