Abby takes her first vacation sans parents

Abby’s absence has not only inspired me to write after such a long time, but it has also created the time to do so.
Abby left Friday morning with her grandparents. They stopped in Yakima for an overnight visit to Sarah, Greg, and Jack Paul. Abby was particularly excited about seeing Jack Paul (and kissing him!), visiting the Ice-Cream Fountain, and eating Cheerios in the TV room.
On Saturday morning the three of them set out for Clarkston. Abby is thrilled to be there. She’s rounded up all of her favorite toys and has the wading pool set up on the back patio to help her keep cool. She’s looking forward to going to see “Cars” at the theater today and a trip to the Aquatic Center tomorrow.
I think this separation is far harder on Doug and I than it is on her. Each time we’ve talked with her, she’s been chipper and mostly too busy to talk. I had worried that bedtime might be a hard time for her. I thought that when she slowed down and got quiet she’d start to really miss us. As it turns out, she’s not having any trouble at bedtime and is reportedly sleeping quite well. I, however, am having trouble at bedtime. It’s when I slow down and have some quiet time to think and that’s when it really sinks in that she’s not here.
Doug, too, is feeling her absence. I can’t count the number of times he’s said, with a cross look on his face, “It’s so quiet around here!”, and “The house just seems empty.”
Wilson hasn’t seemed too affected by the change, but he is behaving differently. He seems to be trying to fill in the void that Abby has left. Wilson is usually a great sleeper, while Abby will keep us up, and get us up repeatedly on any given night. In the 2 nights that Abby has been gone, Wilson has resisted napping and going to bed at night, and has woken us repeatedly. And today in the car, he kept a running commentary about what he could see out his window for the entire trip. It’s as if silence wasn’t an option.
We’re all glad Abby’s having such a great time, and we know it’s going to be a wonderful growing experience for her. Bt we’re also all looking forward to being reunited with her and having her fill the void that she’s left.
###Photos and movies
Here are some photos and two short movies, I forgot my watergun and Cut, of Abby getting ready for her big trip.


  1. Abby sure is a cute one. She is revealing her nack for the camera, but could also go the route of director with that authoritative “CUT!”
    I’m glad Abby is doing well on her big holiday with the grandparents.

  2. Glad to hear that Wilson has been able to occupy your sleep time now that Abby is away. I bet you were dreading getting more sleep, but not to worry, Wilson followed his sister’s directions to a tee.

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