Abby misses us

Abby called on night 3 after having a good cry. She told me she had gotten sad earlier and had “pushed it down”, but wasn’t able to push it down any more. Apparently she had run across a picture of Doug and me and that was all it took to break her down. The poor thing said that we’d have to resort to the backup plan, with me meeting them in Yakima the next day to bring her home. I reminded her that she wouldn’t be able to go to the water park if she came home and gave her the night to think about it.
When I called the next morning, she had clearly moved on. Grandmama had slept with her, which was a great comfort, and she had the water park and her new snorkel gear to look forward to.
We didn’t hear anything from her last night, so I presume everything was reasonably smooth. She’s got just one more night before Wilson and I arrive to get her.
Wilson is keeping up with Abby’s instructions to not let us sleep. I think he woke me 3 times last night. I fear that Doug and I are doomed to poor sleep for many years to come.

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