A good sneaker is hard to find

I need new sneakers. These bargain bin white Vans are stiff and heavy and are killing my feet and I can’t go on. Can anyone recommend a comfortable, attractive sneaker that will keep my feet and aesthetic sensibilities happy?
Here’s are my requirements:
* Sneakers.
I already have running shoes. I’ll likely play some tennis and soccer and such in my sneakers, but these are everyday shoes.
* Low tops.
I prefer high top sneakers, but I already have a pair. I need a set of low tops right now.
* Black or white.
The base color must be black or white. Trim and other colors are not important, but I can’t wear red sneakers for the same reason I can’t wear a red sport coat. It’s just not me.
* Not hideous.
There is no accounting for taste, so I’ll just say that I prefer classic models, but I’m not opposed to a squishy tongue or fat laces. If you’ve ever seen a set of Asics running shoes, those are exactly what I do *not* want to see. Great shoes, but u-g-l-y.
* Good quality.
I’m not looking for orthopedics here, but I do need my sneakers to treat my feet reasonably well. Yes, I know that soft, comfy, low top sneakers will never be the best thing for my feet, but let’s do the best we can.
### Potential mates
Here are some candidates for my feet:
* Adidas Samba Millenium
* PRO-Keds Royal Master Suede
* Puma Basket FS Clyde
Can anyone recommend a good sneaker?


  1. those pro keds are lookin’ pretty good! Plus, they have the word “pro” AND “master” AND “royal” right in the name! Yer not gonna get much better than that.

  2. The Pro Keds are the winners so far. If I can find a pair of that exact model in my size, they will be mine.

    In the meantime I went back to the well for a pair of more-white-than-white Adidas Rod Laver’s. Wearing them is like walking on air. My only problem with them is that they wear out quickly. In six months they’ll be little better than house slippers.

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